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Doug and Martha Baergen
Rio Del Valle 2367
Villa Lavalle 
A4414BKE Salta, Argentina





I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

For your fellowship in the Gospel from the first day until now.

Phillippians 1: 3,5


Doug and Martha Baergen

- serving the Lord in Salta, Argentina -

Important: Using the links at the bottom of this page you can read the news about  Argentina in Spanish and research the sites of four important  Missionary Service Organizations.

Updated June 13, 2018                                                                                                                                                        
See "Prayer Requests"                                                                                                                                                                                                           Since first coming to Argentina in 1966, Doug and Martha have been involved in planting New Testament assemblies in the province of Salta. In the early years they worked in rural areas and by 1982 the Lord had established one assembly through their efforts.

In 1982 the Lord brought them to the Capital City of the Province of Salta which is also called Salta. There they began working in a poor area of the city called the Lavalle area, where some Christian young people had begun to work with children and a few adults. Since that time an assembly has begun and has progressed to a fellowship with 75 believers in fellowship and a full program of congregational activities.                                                                                                                                                      
At present the challenge in the Lavalle congregation is to be used of the Lord to establish strong local leadership. Doug and another man serve as assembly elders. They also seek to see more men take responsibility in the work of the assembly.                                                                                                 
Recently several young men, college age fellows, have been leading singing in the meetings.                    
The Baergens believe that missionary work should produce local congregations that are capable of continuing and reaching out to their own local area and beyond
without the aid of missionary personnel or funds from the homeland.          

The spiritual burden that eventually led to the founding of the Timothy Institute began about 32 years ago when Doug went out to an area on the south edge of the city to visit a construction site in order to get some information a brother in Christ needed. He found an area with 2000 homes, some of which were still being completed. In the whole area there was no church of any kind. The Roman Catholics were meeting in a public school on Sundays and the few people who had been associated with evangelical works had to take a long bus ride to the congregations in or near the downtown area.   After purchasing land and building a small chapel the Baergens began to seek to win the people in the area for the Lord.  

As they had done before, Doug and Martha went door to door with the Gospel. Tracts, Bible portions, Gospel calendars and Bible study courses were used. But the area proved to be hard to evangelize. Several young people and one adult professed to receive the Lord but the goal of establishing a congregation that would go on to win others in the area seemed very hard to reach with the usual tools.                                                                                                  
Doug had always considered himself a teacher by trade so in 1993 he opened the Timothy Institute, a Christian kindergarten and elementary school. At present the school has 370 students enrolled for the 2018 school year which began on March 5. The school is the tool the Baergens are using to reach out to the people on the southern edge of the city of Salta.  The school now has grades K-12 and in December of 2017 had its ninth
high school graduation.                      
The Timothy Institute is well known in the area as a school with a high academic standard, family atmosphere and respectful students.

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