Prayer Requests: April 22, 2018

          We sincerely  thank all who participate in the Lordīs work here in Salta, Argentina through prayer.   We know that only when God works through His Holy Spirit can we truly win and disciple others.   So we are dependent on the Spirit and your prayers can be used to move the Good Hand of the Lord.

Here are some of our recent requests:

          The assembly that meets near our home is showing signs of growth and maturity.   There are almost always visitors present in our gatherings and some have clearly begun to follow the Lord Jesus.  Some of the believers spend time with new contacts and some of these take hold.  Just today one of our young men (21 years old) told me he is using an evangelistic study with two boys in their early teens.  Another girl who has a keen interest in missions (and has already been to Africa for three months) is working with a couple who professed faith in Christ several years ago in an evangelistic effort in this city.  After several false starts, they are showing signs of real spiritual life.

        Three groups of our believers have Bible Clubs on Saturday the different areas of the city.   In each area the group also works with adults, including some of the childrenīs mothers who take them to the Bible Clubs.

         The Timothy Institute, our Christian school outreach continues to give us solid contact with a large group of children, young people and families with which we can preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   The school year began on March 5 and we are please to have three young teachers who have joined us.   One of them graduated from high school at the Timothy Institute four years ago.  Recently, he graduated as a Chemistry teacher.  Although not from a Christian family at first, he has established a clear testimony during his college years and he is anxious to share spiritual values with our young people.  Two other young teachers also bring energy and a solid spiritual vision as they become part of our team.

          Personal health needs of Doug and Martha Baergen have come to the forefront.  Doug had a back operation here in Salta on January 4.  After a few weeks of special care, he is able to move around much better.   Martha had a problem which was first diagnosed as a problem related to the pacemaker she has for her heart.  At the same time it was discovered that some lumps in her chest which had be observed several years ago had grown.   On April 12, Martha was scheduled to have surgery to repair her pacemaker.   Before operating, the surgical cardiologist made a careful evaluation and found that it would not be necessary to operate!   The doctor re-programmed the pacer and Martha much better right away. We thank the Lord for His care in such a difficult situation.   Now the doctors must deal with the lumps in Marthaīs chest.  After a lot of tests here in Salta, the doctors advise us to go to the United States for further evaluation and treatment.   Lord willing, we hope to travel to the United States in mid May.  WE WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE THE PRAYERS OF THE SAINTS FOR MARTHA AT THIS TIME.