Prayer Requests: June 13, 2018

We would like to sincerely thank each of you who have shared with us in prayer in the last 3 months.  The Lord has graciously met our needs, often through His people.   He has provided dedicated doctors who have been considerate of us and our needs as they treated Martha.  At present we are staying with my younger sister and her husband in Douglassville, PA, between Reading and Pottstown.   We are seeing doctors and taking tests, mostly for Martha´s health issues.  We are also visiting my mother, who is 96 and in a home near here. At present we both feel fine and we are enjoying meeting some of our Christian friends in Pennsylvania.  Our son from Michigan spent 6 days with us here. That was a special treat!

Word from Argentina is that both the local congregation and the Christian school are doing well.   The local congregation had the annual Bible Conference the last weekend in May and there seems to have been a lot of blessing as the believers heard and reacted to the ministry of God´s Word.  One group of believers from the assembly is working hard in evangelism in the neighborhood where the Christian school is located.   Two mornings a week they visit a health clinic that the government operates in the area and serve coffee and rolls to those who are waiting to see the doctor. Then they give out literature and talk with those who are receptive.  Through this effort they have had several contacts and some of them have attended the meeting that is held on Thursday (on school property.)

The Timothy Institute, our Christian school goes well.   There is an enormous amount of work to be done but we have a faithful staff.   Right now Northern Argentina is in the early part of winter and it has been very cold.  Attendance is down at school and there has been some difficulty with sickness of some of the teachers.  Nevertheless, things seem to be going well.

At this time of year we move forward with the process of re-enrolling our students for the 2019 school year.  The process is very important and we must make some decisions as to who is able to register for next year.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THE ENROLLMENT PROCESS AT THE TIMOTHY INSTITUTE.   It will begin on June 25 and end on August 3.  Pray for wisdom for those of us who must make the decisions.  It will be more difficult this year because Doug will have to participate in the process from a distance.

Please continue to pray for Martha´s health issues.   We will be seeing the doctor on June 19 to get the results of some of the testing and see what the doctor will recommend from there.