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Reaching Out Through Christian Education: 

On the south side of Salta, almost 10 miles from the center of the city, lies the Santa Ana area. Three large government housing developments and several other sections of lots and homes come together in what could really be a small city in its own right. Cleaner air and a beautiful view of the foothills of the Andes Mountains make this a good place for over 15,000 people to live.

The Santa Ana area is strongly Roman Catholic and the Baergens have encountered much resistance to the more common methods of evangelism and assembly planting. In 1993 the Timothy Institute opened its doors for students for the first time as a kindergarten with 10 students. Since that time it has grown to a complete elementary and junior-senior high school with 355 students.

Christian Teachers and the Word

The teachers at the Timothy Institute are fellowshipping believers who share the truth of God's Word with their students regularly. Each day begins with prayer, often with a brief thought from the Word. Time is set aside for regular Bible classes and the students also memorize the Word of God. All this would not be unusual in Christian schools anywhere. But, at the Timothy Institute 85% of the students come from homes where the Word of God is not honored.

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